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Swastha The Wellness 7 Day wellness package
Swastha is a specially designed complete wellness program which suits all those who want to recreate their body and mind through the experience of ayurveda and yoga. Swastha consists of different ayurvedic treatments and yoga modalities in combination with vibrational experiences of homa therapy and meditation to relieve you of the problems you face due to the hectic lifestyle and struggles that disrupt your mental calmness and spiritual life.
Correct your life style
Teach you to establish a healthy life with ayurveda and yoga.
Relieve your body of strain and ailments
Completely relieve your body and mind of stress.
Teach you meditation and spiritual practice.
Enhance your beauty and your skin.
Abhyanga & Shirodhara.
Different kinds of kizhi.(according to need).
Shirobasthi and Nasyam.
Herbal facial packs.
Njavarakizhi and pizhichil.
Head and foot massage and steam baths.
The treatment plan will be chosen by the physician after the consultation with you depending on your health needs and requirements. Ayurvedic medications and dietary changes will be suggested in addition to treatments.
Yoga & Meditation
Ayurvedic nadi pariksha and constitution analysis

Analyzing the body constitution and suggestions for correcting life style and dietary habits according to that.

Vedic astrology consultation.
Opportunity to explore nature’s beauty of KANNUR.
Cultural events to experience the traditions of Kerala art.