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Soukhya 28 Day Rejuvanation Packages
Soukhya, the rejuvenation program, is specially designed for complete detoxification and emphasis is placed on the rejuvenation of the body for all those who wish to detox and revitalize their body and mind through the experience of ayurvedic panchakarama , rasayana and yoga.The program consists of ayurvedic panchakarama treatments followed by a week of special treatments which focus on revitalizing the body and mind in correlation with yoga modalities and a combination of a vibrational experiences of homa therapy and meditation. The last week of course will be designed with the rejuvenation treatments, foods, meditation and mantra sadhana. This helps you to improve your immunity and vigor and to overcome the problems caused by a stressful lifestyle and daily struggle which disrupt your calm and spiritual life.
We provide you an experience of Panchakarma
Sanehapanam- oil/ghee intake
Abhyanga- oil massage
Podikizhi- powder poultice
Elakizhi – leaf poultice
Kashaya dhara – flow of decotion
Udwrathanam- powder massage
Shiro dhara- oil flow on forehead
Taila dhara- oil flow on body
Pichu – oil spunch application on body parts
Shirovasthi- oil capiung on head
Sthanika vasthi- oil treatment on different body parts
Dhanyamala dhara– fermented liquid flow on body
Pizhichil– oil flow treatment on whole body
Thala pothichil- covering treatment of head
Njavarakizhi- rice poultice
Sweda – steam bath
Valuka sweda – sand poultice
Asthapana vasthi
Anuvasana vasthi
Post operative procedures
Lower back pain
Knee problems
Neck and head related problems
Stress, depression, anxiety disorders
Diabetes and its management
Joint related diseases
Week immune system
Drug addiction
Intestinal diseases
Cervical spondylosis
Cervical spondylosis
Lumbar spondylosis
skin diseases
Thyroid dysfunctions
Prior to any kind of treatment inform the physician in detail as to your health condition before coming so that you can already receive some advice as to your best possible treatment while here.
Yoga & Meditation
Ayurvedic nadi pariksha and constitution analysis

Analyzing the body constitution and suggestions for correcting life style and dietary habits according to that.

Vedic astrology consultation.
Opportunity to explore nature’s beauty of KANNUR.
Cultural events to experience the traditions of Kerala art.